Drop Poetry | Who Wants To Play Cowboys and Indians? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Who wants to play cowboys and Indians?

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Let’s give the Indians the guns and put the cowboys on the run

Give the pens to the Choctaw and the Chickasaw, so they can make the laws that tame the outlaws

Put horses under Seminole Nations and send them out to do the chasin

Make the Cherokee the deputy and only allow them to carry weaponry

Put the badge on the Mojave and Shoshone’s chest and make them the Best in the West

Let the aboriginals cruise and peruse and mark their own lands

Let the Iroquois and Mohawks cultivate their dirt on their own hands

Let’s give each tribe and clan the ability to protect their inheritance at all cost

So that their culture and history can never ever be lost

Who wants to play cowboys and Indians?

Let’s make the cowboy scared to breath so they won’t be found

Let’s make them hide in water to throw off the nose of the hound

Let’s make the cowboy pack up in a hurry and and scurry to leave

Let’s make the cowboy helplessly die from an invented or foreign disease

Let’s make the cowboy quake and shake in his stolen alligator boots

Let’s make the cowboy remember the aboriginal and indigenous roots

Let’s make the cowboy roam from city to city and state to state

Let’s make the cowboy admit that the Indian was and will always be great

Let’s make the cowboy sign over everything he owns, leave him wandering with a feeling of wanting to go home

Who wants to play cowboys and Indians?

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