Drop Poetry | Free “Phineus”! | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Free “Phineus”!

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Free “Phineaus” from the caves of Tryon Park where he is currently contained

Free “Phineaus” from the grounds that are filled and tracked with noisy trains

Free “Phineaus” from where crowded streets like Manhattan and Broadway are main

Free “Phineaus” from the bonds of stocks that are traded and exchanged

Free “Phineaus” from the concrete prison cell and cut loose the chains

Free “Phineaus” from the belly of which he feels all of his people pains

Free “Phineaus” so the elements can breed their fiery iced up rains

Free “Phineaus” from captivity so the earth can restore her natural grains

Free “Phineaus” so The Chosen can wash and erase the bloody stains

Free “Phineaus” so the Khans can enjoy their green pastures and flat plains

Free “Phineaus”!


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