Drop Poetry | Intentions | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle

Intentions could be emotionally based and leave things open to interpretation

Intentions could be negatively laced and passed down for many generations

Intentions could be erroneously traced and mastered for easy regurgitation

Intentions could be filled with disgraced spirits and demonic divination

Intentions can lead you astray and stranded with no guidance or direction

Intentions can make you stay in a place that’s forbidden for your own protection

Intentions can cause you to lose your way by adding crossroads and intersections

Intentions can cause you to play with games and invoke unwanted casted infections

Intentions are put in words for spells and inserted in fork tongue definitions

Intentions are in the halls that dwells and surrounds the walls of perdition

Intentions could be good or bad for those who sell assumed ancestral traditions

Intentions are what tells the truth of our presumed historical fact and fictions


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