Drop Poetry | Know Your Enemies | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Know Your Enemies

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Know your enemies is the first rule of any game you play in Life. Such as Survival, Chess, Battleship and Monopoly alike. Paper, plastic, computer and electronics are physical beasts and monsters. Enemies that  we have to rightfully identify so that we can finally conquer.

Paper has you spending time foolishly and sacrificially chasing it. It has you trying to save it while you are dubiously wasting it. The love of paper, is the root of all evil, that has constantly cutting down trees to give you the legs to run through it. It has you constantly scheming and diligently digging yourself in a perpetual ditch just to get to it. You can burn it, throw it away and tear it up at your pleasure, because paper is a commodity of a fictitious treasure.

Plastic will have you charged up in a currency that is not really real. It will have you swiping and selecting to make numerous superficial deals. It will have you believe there is something to account for, but the bottom line does not exist. It keeps you functioning in a “made to believe system” by giving you credit you can not resist. It can be melted, cut up and stolen from your grip, because plastic physically represents itself as something that ain’t shit.

Computers and electronics were created to assist your dreaming. They are deceptive devices that are fostering your artificial streaming. They are programmed to keep you connected to this falsehood. They are here to make you trust in them and accept things as all good. They are hard wired to supply your power skid. They keep you permanently knocked off of your crystal grid. They can be hacked because the computers and electronics exists to keep you hijacked.

Know Your Enemies

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