Drop Poetry | Imagine Dragons | by Keith Boney

Imagine Dragons

by Keith Boney

Imagine Dragons is telling us in the name, so what am I?

  1. Kelly made an anthem that is famed, so who can fly?

With all-seeing eyes, why would one tell a lie?

They slip it in the music, with thoughts that you won’t muse it

Only listen to the beat and the instruments while you cruise it

On the highway, that you could call a die-way

So the road less traveled has to be The Most High-way

Only a forked-tongue would speak of another road

“This will get you there faster,” on your way to your abode

One leads to a cliff, down to a valley made for them

The other leads to a cliff, so you can learn to fly to THEM

Our Framer and Shaper will mold your drakhan wings

The valley makes you hate the mountains, but love your nice things

You can breathe fire with the watah, flow with the wind and rule the earth

Or be surrounded by shadows and never know your self-worth

The choice is always yours, I’m choosing up, and I’m not braggin’

You might be able to fly if you could just imagine dragons


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