Drop Poetry | The Five DraKhan Laws | by AhchWath Ty Battle

The Five DraKhan Laws

by AhchWath Ty Battle

DrahKhans, like their masters, have laws that they are bound to. Follow the ancient marks on the walls that completely encircle and surround you. The laws you had in place before they came and found you. The ones who obey the laws are the ones to keep around you. 

The laws exist to exhalt CONVICTION and to seal the deal of an unbreakable bond. It is the commitment of the chosen or selected, of which only The Last DrahKhans are fond

The laws are treaties of all living creatures and unknown SACRIFICE of the DraKhans of Old. They are the standing agreement that the past will not be forgotten and will not remain untold

The laws are a promise of our DELIVERANCE from the final slavery, as time has drawn nigh. They are words written in stone, for our people as a message from The Most High

The laws are embodied with EMPATHY for natural connections to our genetic links. They are kinetically charged with feelings of sympathy that keeps us all in frequency sync

The laws are for the PROTECTION of Earth when they are used exactly as prescribed. They guard the flat terrain, the infinite skies and the firmament that HaWa described.

The Jesuit Drahkan slayers use dark magic to conjure and administer fear. Wearers of the Black robes turned our DraKhans into myths and tales they thought you’d never hear

The Five Drahkan Laws



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