Drop Poetry | Real-Eyes and Rise | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Realeyes and Rise

by AhchWath Ty Battle

We have sovereignty and don’t need to be a citizen.

We were forced into poverty, but wait til we sit again.

The Papal Bull came with the Doctrine of Discovery.

I pulled the wool from my eyes, no need to uncover me.

You put our name in all caps and made us part of your cooperation.

You call us all black, not the copper colored race, so we wont claim our nation.

You put your plan to the test by having your textbooks lie to me.

You got your clan in their vests, cause now we got eyes that see.

This land aint your land, This land is my land.

From every green pasture to every grain of sand.

We are the indigenous and aboriginal, we are the first.

We are native and original, we been here since birth.

Berth, you berth your ships in our docks.

You chop down our trees and turn our crystals into rocks.

You poured concrete on our dirt so our feet dont feel the soil.

You gave us perms for our hair so our wires will never coil.

You set up your system and never thought we’d overcome.

You poisoned our air, food and water to keep us all dumb.

You bring carnage and destruction with every move you make.

You bring chaos and bondage and death in your wake.

Realeyes and Rise

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