Drop Poetry | Dodge The Hijacks | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Dodge the Hijacks 

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Dodge the Hijacks like you dodge the balls 

Treat annoying frequencies like unwanted calls 

Don’t surf a wave that doesn’t keep it wavy 

Stay suited up and tuned up daily 

Kick the static like a crazy bad habit 

If it doesn’t look right don’t reach out and grab it 

If it’s got you spinning don’t gravitate to it 

If it causes concern meditate through it

Fight the things that’s unnaturally enticing

If it’s attacking you get to slicing and dicing 

Protect your energy like it’s your life’s force

Get that Drop of water to keep you on course

Reject the nonsense and try to stay grounded 

Remember your enemies have got you surrounded 

So tribe up and vibe up and get connected 

If it’s not Natural by Law, simply reject it

Get with your people that always has your back 

Stay up, Choose up and Dodge the Hijacks

Dodge the Hijacks

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