Drop Poetry | One Big Lie | by AhchWath Ty Battle

“One Big Lie”!

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Our world and history is “One Big Lie”.

Our reality given is the truth in disguise.

NASA is a joke.

The moon landing is a hoax.

Gravity is a riddle.

Lemuria and Atlantis had America in the middle

Columbus was not a friend to me.

The government is our enemy.

Isis was created in the united states.

AmeriKKKa has never ever been great!

9/11 was an inside job.

Your judicial system is an organized mob.

The slave trade was not an offer to work.

It was more like an opportunity to hurt!

War is stealing land and resources from the indigenous people.

There is no such thing as all lives are equal.

Our history is a lie and has been forever..

They poison our food, air and tamper with the weather.

School is really an indoctrination tool.

They are training us to be uneducated fools.

There is more land on flat Earth that will never disclosed.

Space travel is not possible, because our world is enclosed.

The FBI, CIA and all the alphabet soups,

Are not men of service, they are killers in suits.

Evolution and the Big Bang are theories that were never proved true.

We are made of energy, in fact, energy moves through you.

Our sports, religions and news is fake entertainment.

Our political and voting systems are artificial arrangements.

We did not and cannot start off life as monkeys.

They gave us Aids, Ghettos, Guns and made us Drug Junkies.

They use perversion, music and television to control our lives.

Because the world we live in is “One Big Lie”!

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