Drop Poetry | “Spiritual” and “Frequency” War | by AhchWath Ty Battle

“Spiritual” and “Frequency” War

by AhchWath Ty Battle


We are all secretly involved in a continual “spiritual” and “frequency” war.

The nations are gathering up their troops, that’s what the believers are for.

Each soldier believes our cause is right and cannot be lead astray.

We armor up with a collection of words to prepare for the “spiritual” day.

We will proudly charge forward with our selected weapon of choice.

Whether it be the Torah, Quran, or our own individual voice.

Some of us will have our ears covered by a helmet of crafty delusion.

Some of us will be equipped with eyes to see straight through the illusion.

Some will get hit with a vibration or shock that our bodies are built to receive,

Others will get hit, hurt or shot because they are easy to deceive.

We prepare for battle and listen for the call and we do it all without pause.

To take what is known and keep what is not, is the reason of thier cause.

That 440 (Hz) hits with static and turns us into a mental and physical slave.

While 432 (Hz) comes at us like water and keeps us on a “frequency” wave.

There are strategies and contingencies and more than a few backup plans.

To make sure we don’t secure our history, knowledge and our “Promised Lands”.

“Spiritual” and “Frequency” War

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