Drop Poetry | The Body Whole | by AhchWath Ty Battle

The Body Whole

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Being completely healthy comes in forms of many kinds

Clean up the whole; your body, soul and cleanse the mind

If you take care of this trinity they will take care of you

Getting an overstanding of this, is the best thing to do

Your body is your vessel that binds you to this place

It gives you a visual form of Hawa’s body and face

You can care for it with exercise and the food you eat

You can walk, run and use plants and fruits for your meat

Your soul is the essence and the reason for your being

It is the know all, do all, be all and is also the all seeing

Only allow the natural energy to meditate into your soul

It’s the only way to hear HaWaH’s voice, see him and be whole

Your mind requires thoughtful food and needs ample rest

Keep it well fed, balanced, and prepared for unannounced tests

Fill it with pure, positive, sincere and all conscience thoughts

It returns the same frequency as the one considerably brought

The Body Whole

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