Drop Poetry | My Slavery | by AhchWath Ty Battle

My Slavery

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Why am I in constant bondage or seemingly everlasting slavery?

Did you put me in cages and chains to show a loyal favor to me?

Is not this chosen bloodline suppose to be royal and savory?

Should the noose be tightening as I start to show bravery?

I’m trudging through this life that you graciously gave to me.

I’m doing my best to keep away from false and graven imagery.

I’m trying to keep the laws that you have instilled and engraved in me.

I’m waiting for you to awake and free the mental slave in me.

Am I waiting for you to provide a safe and promised haven to me?

Am I being faithful because I believe in you coming thru and saving me?

Have I really put a lid on all the sinning and  all the misbehaving?

Am I traveling on the road to eternity that you are now paving me?

I’m making the most of the person you patiently made of me.

I’m taking advantage of the priceless free word that was paid to me.

I sleep in the comfort of the bosom of the book that you laid for me.

I was bound to spiritual slavery but every moment you stayed with me.

My Slavery

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