Drop Poetry | Melanin | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle

It’s my calling, my job or call it my duty,

To share with you the fountain of youth, see.

It is a natural substance and they call it melanin.

It’s a genetic product that gives you life and intelligence.

Your body produces it from your pineal gland.

Now they’ve put it in a bottle to make a quick grand.

Century after century they’ve been studying and dissecting you

So they can live forever by swallowing and injecting too

Injecting you, while infecting you, while you’re expecting them to stop excepting you and start accepting you.

Yeah I know that’s double talk, double meaning and double play too.

Melanin makes you strong, makes you conscience and provides protection too.

It gives you courage, gives you confidence and gives you your complexion, boo.

No matter how much they take one thing is true,

They can’t reproduce the melanin that’s found naturally in you.


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