Drop Poetry | Chosen are a Few | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Chosen are a Few

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Many of us hear the call but the chosen are a select few

Who will walk the gifted land of pure milk and honey too

With fruits like pomegranates and your choice of honeydew

With a variety of vegetables, both of the old and of the new

You will have all your food that your fertile grounds once grew

With all types of flowers for your restored sight to view

Your eyes will behold waterfalls and skies of sapphire blue

There will be free roaming gazelles and the friendly caribou

Only the elect will answer and those who are naturally true

You will have everything you need right in front of you

You will have your fiery dragons that long ago once flew

Your trees will be willow, cypress, cedar, palm and the yew

The mountains will supply fresh Watah through and through

There will be no more invented illnesses like cancers or the flu

Some will rise to the occasion will one of them be you

HaWaH will provide all your needs and stick around like glue

Chosen are a Few

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