Drop Poetry | What Do They Know? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

What Do They know?

by AhchWath Ty Battle

They know that your world is everlasting, stationary and flat.

They know that you are not corrupt, a void, or the color black.

They know they came to your land and found not discovered you.

They know because they said it, that doesn’t make the story true.

They know the “Old” testament was written specifically just for you.

They know they amended your scriptures and you then gave the “New”.

They know they call you Ham, put you in Africa and claim you are cursed.

They know you are Shem, from the Americas and that you are to be the first.

They know that your nationality and native tongue is naturally Hebrew.

They know that you are the aboriginal people and the original “Jew”.

They know the books are now being cracked opened and unsealed.

They know the truth of The Creator’s  existence is being revealed.

They know HaWaH has chosen you as a blessed set apart people.

They know historically the nations have not and will never be equal.

They know there is a crafty council set up for your eventual destruction.

They know the laws and commandments are given as Your instructions.

They know it is written for the fall of a nation and the rise of another.

They know Jacob and Esau are fraternal twin melanated brothers.

They know that flesh that is red means that it is copper toned or ruddy.

They know it doesn’t mean flushed cheeks that appear as rosey or bloody.

They know the world ending doesn’t mean running out of space.

They know they will have to, very soon, pack up and leave this place.

What Do They Know?

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