Drop Poetry | See Clearly or Clearly See | by AhchWath Ty Battle

See Clearly or Clearly See

by AhchWath Ty Battle

To See Clearly or Clearly See means your mind is in complete and total transparency.

You realize you have the ability to crystalize your thoughts on a pure healing frequency.

You have achieved total all around vision for absolute clarity, and knifed up precision.

Your existence has come full circle, like life in the ring of time, and a ball of resistance.

You are no longer grounded by lies, you are free to elevate truth, deny gravity and fly.

You can duck and dodge the hijacks that are coming at you like a wild and rabid wolf pack.

You are able to vibrate on level that you can channel and access, so you can levitate.

Your once polluted eyes that were clouded, are now diluted with clear fresh water cries.

You can now foster and hone your energy and have the keys to activate your memory.

To see clearly is to clearly be, the one, who with open eyes, can freely and clearly see.

See Clearly or Clearly See

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