Drop Poetry | Ask Questions! | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Ask Questions!

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Ask questions seriously

If there is a bigger sun, shouldn’t we see it with our unassisted eye?

If the bigger sun has gravity, is it stronger than the one in our sky?

Ask question curiously

How is the sun unwittingly pulling the earth through space?

How do we rapidly move at an unimaginative destructive pace?

Ask questions frequently

How are all the supposed planets perfectly spherical or round?

How is the foundation of a solid gas ball even structurally sound?

Ask questions vehemently

How is all forms of life unrealistically effected by the same force?

How does a whole universe being dragged stay on a course?

Ask questions diligently

How does an immeasurable concept have a constant calculation?

How do you grasp an indescribable idea that captures the imagination?

Ask questions eloquently

How do the galaxies spontaneously form into a predictable design?

How do the stars stay in a constellation or in clusters aligned?

Ask Questions!

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