Drop Poetry | Let’s Get Loopy | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Let’s Get Loopy

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Let’s get loopy and continue to go around and around

Like the continued paths and courses of the notes of sound

Like the satisfaction of loosing something that is now found

Not like Thoth who is ever-running from the chasing hound

Let’s get loopy, so existence won’t come to an abrupt end

Like receiving the answer to the questions that you send

Like the corners of tyme from all different points that blend

Like the precious diamond ring of light that can never bend

Let’s get loopy, so the numbered patterns will never stop

Like when the weighted bottom keeps rising to the top

Like how the Yin and Yang and Pisces always looks flip flop

Like how the scattered rains start and return as single drops

Let’s get loopy, so that all things become an infinite united one

Like the Hebraic letters of life, are a cycle that is never done

Like the love parents have for their created daughters and sons

Like battles are forever fought til the last war is finally won

Let’s get Loopy


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