Drop Poetry | Do We Descend From Abraham? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Do we descend from Abraham?

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Do we descend from Abraham and his ancestral tree?

Let’s trace it from Abraham, the “Hebrew”, to Jacob/”Israel”, and see.

Abraham, born in Ur, was sent to the land of Canaan to hide.

The Most High saw fit to protect His “chosen” and “set-a-side”.

When famine hit Ur, Abraham and Sarah were sent to Egypt to reside.

When they arrived, from the Pharaoh, Abraham had to hide his bride.

When Sarah was 90 years old and her womb was still barren,

The Most High gave her, a “priestly” son, Isaac for caring.

Isaac’s mother was not a slave, which means she was free,

Since you inherit the state of your mother, so too was he.

The Bible spells out your origination through the genealogy of Abraham.

The Hebrews came from the area known as “The Promised Land”.

From Isaac came Esau of Edom, and Jacob the twin brothers.

One of the twins was “chosen” and blessed, but not the other.

Esau was oldest, but sold his birthrights to Jacob, so he could eat.

Mother Rebekah helped Jacob prepare Isaac’s special treat.

The Most High hated Esau and wanted Jacob to be blessed.

He aided Rebekah and Jacob in their perceived deceptive mess.

Esau ran off with a blessing, land in Edom, and a whole lot of regrets.

To Jacob he vows to retrieve what is his with an ever standing threat.

Isaac instructed Jacob to never take a wife from Canaan and Esau knew this.

Esau teamed up with Ishmael and took a bride against his father’s wish.

Jacob also lived in Canaan, where his father too was a stranger.

His brother is filled with hatred, anger and ever lasting danger.

Ishmael and Esau were never suppose to be the blessed ones.

The Bible tells us very clearly that Jacob is the only “chosen” son.

Our Patriarch, Jacob, is the father of all of Israel’s Lost Tribes.

We are not dead, we are scattered, and we are all still alive!

Do we descend from Abraham?

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