Drop Poetry | Who Am I | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Who Am I

by AhchWath Ty Battle

I was born to serve a purpose to which I shall happily deliver

To help unwrap the balls of lies and to be a generous giver

I came to life to forfill a predestined duty to help my people

To assist in the preparation for The Exodus’s foretold sequel

I am here to ignite a fire the had long ago been extinguished

To let my people know you are to be exhalted and distinguished

I exist because it’s my tyme to pay my toll to get through the gates

To do my part to arm us with our truths like you once were great.

I live to help clean this world of the things that keep us bonded

Like the lie of the shape in which your flat world was grounded

I walk the streets in shoes that buffers my feet from the concrete

I can not give up, move on or stop until my mission is complete

I have to be sure all is accomplished before my fate is decided

I have to make sure the lost tribes of Israel are no longer divided

I have to ensure that all my goals have been witnessed and attained

I have to be sure our path to righteousness has finally been obtained

I was born, am here, and as promised, one day I will certainly leave

I was here to guide the wandering hearts to know, not just to believe

I acknowledged, I persevered, I corrected, at least I can say I tried

I lived the life I was suppose to live, my body grew old, then I died

I was around, I did gather, I was here and there and then I was not

I read through the pages of Torah to receive the truth that I never got

I was permitted to be, to experience life and be effective while I existed

I am to be aware that every second was for a cause, so don’t get it twisted

I Am You

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