Drop Poetry | What Are You Doing? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

What Are You Doing?

by AhchWath Ty Battle

We are summoning the tribal leaders, like the “civilized” tribes and the Chinook

We are cuddling up with the pages in our cozy little cove or nook

We are searching, scanning and scoping through the unsealed books

We are proving them wrong, because they were hoping we wouldn’t look

We are peering at the enemy through the eyes of the frontline rooks

We are veering our tribe to the WaTah as we guide you towards the brook

We are pounding in the nails that hang them on the proverbial hook

We are rounding up the evidence that will prove that they are crooks

We are calling up all the pirates like Ahab, Kidd, Blackbeard and Cook

That have raided or seas for treasures, and fish from Leviathan to the snook

We are done being shaken or filled with fear, we will no longer be shook

We are hunting our deviously acquired land and goods the invaders took

What Are You Doing?

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