Drop Poetry | ShowTyme | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle

Get in the Ether with The Drop Radio on 432TheDrop.com where you can get healing music, food and readings to find your Zan. You can hear your Ancient Love Song with Mz. Dee, get Tuned Up with Isaac Ford and session In the Ether with HaKhan CJ. You can start eating and Living Well with Bruh_the_Nature and Zan Cooking with GA Chef Candie on Thursday.

You can get The Real Spill from Yehonaton the Hebrew Prince, get nourishment from Pachuu and learn The Duty of Man with J HaWaStew, as they give us foundation with scriptural reads. You can get formulated and find order to Templar Up with The Temp Irvin Reed and get bit by The Copper Serpent as Natural by Law drops his dew and plants his seeds.

You can rock with HaKhan Drop at night or get the replay all day and get On The Road with Ms. Vanessa as she crosses the state lines. You can take The Red Pill with KB The HaZan Azzazin, get Hit Ova The Head by Hiram Art, climb The Fresh Treez with AD, and dodge your own hijacks and cuddle up with a book with Ty Bat Zan In Battle Tyme.


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