Drop Poetry | Guess Who? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Guess Who?

by AhchWath Ty Battle

You are debating everyone’s existence, but nobody’s discussing me.

The one who Hosea 3:5 proclaims my people will search for thee.

The one who comes from Judah, through Joseph, which is the royal pedigree.

The one who is called in so many names of none you can agree.

The one who possesses wisdom and wrote Psalms for you and me

The king who reignes over the The vast Indies lands of three

The one who is weighed and measured at the highest of spiritual degree.

The one that they nailed and hung from the pervebial HaWashua tree.

The one who wears the crown of lands that will soon be set free.

The one who gives you strength to stay, hold on and not to flee.

The one who provides, all in good time, so you won’t have to plea.

The one who rules across the world from the shores and every sea.

The one who left and will soon return and what will be, will be.

The one true “King of Jews” to whom you will one day see

Guess Who?


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