Seed Drop | The Illegal Beginning of American Negro Slavery | “Native Americans (Negros) were brought as slaves to Europe and West Africa {Cape Verde} by the Thousands since Columbus through the 1510’s” | Dropped by Kurimeo

Note: Native Americans were  brought as slaves to Europe  and the west coast of Africa  Mainly Cape  Verde (African Coast) by the thousands since Columbus time on  through the 1510’s. 

So as these following books tell us by 1510 there were already many thousands of native americans in Cape Verde:   ( Lies  my teacher told me ) & ( Africans & Native Americans )
Inline image 6
Inline image 5
They tells us the first English slaver as it says below in 1562 “picked up ”  a cargo of “negros” on the “African Coast”
Inline image 1
Now  on the historic accounts of the voyages made in the 1500’s and 1600’s  called the Haklyut of 1589 and referenced in another book “Voyages and Travels mainly of the 16th and 17th centuries” 
They tell us exactly where John Hawkins kidnapped this cargo of Negros: First they will say off the coast of Guinea take a look:
Inline image 7
Inline image 8
Now lets look at the Foot note #2 to see where exactly off the coast Guinea Hawkings kidnapped these “negros”
Inline image 9
So you see Hawkings actually took those first ” negros  from ( Cape Verde ) this was in 1562  almost 60-70 years after Columbus and other portuguese  Had brought Native Americans to CAPE VERDE already. So who did Hawking actually kidnap?  NATIVE AMERICANS !!!  These island were uninhabited before the spanish and portuguese brought these Native Americans!!  
Lets see more correlation:
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Inline image 2
Again the first 20 “Negros” brought to Jamestown in 1619 were pirated by english ships from a spanish Ship off the coast of VeraCruz in Mexico Caribbean not AFRICA !!

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