Drop Poetry | “Forbidden Histories of America” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Forbidden Histories of America

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Let us open a book, read, scour, study the contents of which we should take a long look

Let us uncover the stories that have been deemed forbidden but are no longer hidden

Let us take a look at our not long ago history and solve the fraudulent Columbo mystery

Let us put on our detective hat, look at a map and see where the Old World is really at

Let us find out Portugal got their feelings hurt because Prince Madoc got here first

Let us learn Europes Nehemiah Theodorus protected the defeated Silvanus Toltezus

In 765 Nehemiah Theodorus, the western exilarch’s campaign revived the empire of Charlemagne

In 775, Theodorus, son of the 1st Jewish king of Septimania, left Roman lands for Calalus

Let us talk about the trading vessels of the white swan that belonged to King Solomon

Let us learn of the tribe of Danaan or Dan of America’s Maine known also as Mananaan

Let us read that Israel III’s grandson Ameri resided in the dragon land of which we stand

Let us read that King David is King Arthur, a gallant knight, a sword yielder and an archer

Let us learn of the 12th century sails that docked in the American shores from Wales

Let us hear of the Alabamians and Georgians that are now Prince Madocs’s Welsh Indians

Let us know the Rhodans eventually moved to the vast mountains of the Appalachians

Let us learn that King Jacob Ben Israel’s descendants were known as the Melungeons

Let us overstand melungeons are known as eggplant and Calalus called the promise land

Let us overstand the known history provided is false, full of lies, fabricated and is not true

Let us summarize that in 1492 Cristobal Colon came and attacked a very ancient you

Forbidden Histories of America

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