Drop Poetry | Degrees of Learning | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Degrees of Learning

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Masters degrees from the colleges of ology

Trynna reverse the prophecy with reverse psychology

Changing the anatomy with practice of biology

Try to lock ya down with chains of judicial criminology

Give the universe in the universities of astrology

Ptolemy and Copernicus teaching stars in cosmology

Religious idolatry through illumination and scientology

Keep forcasted dragons predicted through meteorology

Keep your mind grounded with the doubts of mythology

Put organisms in the syringes and needles of microbiology

Infiltrating through spirits with alcohol and pharmacology

Controlling the environment though fear and sociology

Confounded time switched and entangled in chronology

Hidden places and treasures laid out in archaeology

Steering emotions with the promise of an apology

Providing your future through advanced technology

Predicted ideology through selected methodology

Getting your degree from an academy of  programology

Degrees of Learning

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