Drop Poetry | “Who Fits The Description?” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Who fits the description?

by AhchWath Ty Battle

He was a “lost soul” retrieving thief

A man who left his followers in grief

A mind snatching embezzling crook

A devil, hung on a wooden crossed hook

A treasure seeking, sea or land robber

A blonde hair, blue-eyed hustler and mobber

A creative innocence abducting con

A seductive and deceiving don wan

A shapeshifting and swine eating snake

An imposter, a counterfeit and a fake

An everlasting paradise on earth bandit

A man that was thorn crown branded

A priceless jewel and treasure marauder

A piper leading sheep to the slaughter

A cross carrying Galilee street gangster

A joke playing Thoth and Loki prankster

A low jack energy draining hijacker

An infiltrating, programming life hacker

An opposer, attempter or revelation villain

A savior responsible for massive killings

A Shabat breaking maize picking heathen

A end time prophesying rapturing demon

Who fits the description?

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