Drop Poetry | “Forever!” | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle

Remember that your Breath and Powah are everlasting and forever

Comprehend that your HWH is eternal, always, permanent and clever

Know that your HWH is indefinite, of future times and a tireless endeavor

Hear that your HWH is continual, perpetual no matter when or however

Recall that your HWH is withstanding, and he never changes, whatsoever

Understand that your HWH is a solid cedar crystal rock and a rigid lever

Listen to your HWH who says that he is constant, limitless come whatever

Recognize that your HWH is infinite, endless and you are to forget never

Heed the advice of HWH who states the vices you have to cut and severe

Harken to the word of HWH who has existed from tyme then until ever


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