Drop Poetry | Makes Sense of Your Senses | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Makes Sense of Your Senses

by AhchWath Ty Battle

See the message in HWH’s laws that were written by Moses in the Torah

See the world that HWH has built and your future that he foresaw

See that in your righteous state you exist without penned laws

Hear Mighty Judah’s ancient war tune that he bangs on his cedar drums

Hear the ancient love song played on the harp that King David strums

Hear the melodious lullabies that Prophetess and Priestess Miriam hums

Feel the energy that emits from Joseph’s electric and colorful coat

Feel the priesthood of Shem giving by Noah when they left the boat

Feel the steady frequency that allows your soul to freely float

Smell scented roads of spices that belong to the three Indies Khan,

Smell the fragrances of The Queen of Sheba from Ophir to Hong Kong

Smell the varieties of fruits and flowers from your world and beyond

Taste the promised rainbow of a binding sign to Israel from HWH

Taste the provided manna and drink of treed mountains pure Watah

Taste the goodness of the all the herbs that are provided by your PoWah

Know who you are, who’s you are and don’t you ever again forget it

Know that inside your laws is where your salvation is embedded.

Know that if you transgress and not repent you may soon regret it

Make Sense of Your Senses

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