Drop Poetry | Sign O’ the Tymes | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Sign O’ the Tymes

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Glaciers dwindling in size, in some cases are disappearing, icecaps steadily and secretly melting

Degrees in atmosphere in the desserts , savannas and mountains are suffocatingly smelting

Sun rays are scorching the skin and earth’s surfaces, burning our eyes and are artificially blazing

Air is constantly polluted, being sprayed with metals and fetuses that are deceptively hazing

Waters are retreating, drawing back, drying up, moving out or are they just blatantly disappearing

Land masses are washing away, being covered up, discovered and some are reappearing

Mudslides, earthquakes, hurricane, blizzards tornadoes, and unpredictable bad weather bouts

Pestilence, diseases, abductions, killings addictions with needed medicine and hunger droughts

Money, homelessness, bankruptcy, falling ghettos, are social constructs that keep us broke

Advance technology, super computers, viral programs, invisible planes that are real, not a joke

Bodies of water are expanding and world temperatures rising are clues of global warming

Wars and rumors there of are broadcasted on the news and in the papers as the final warning

Sign O’ the Tymes


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