Drop Poetry | “P.S.A. To The Oppressor” | by Ahchwa Mz Dee

P.S.A To The Oppressor

by Ahchwa Mz. Dee

(×2) Tick -tock tick -tock the clock has stopped.. Time has come to pack up and get out. Tick-Tock Tick-Tock tock your magic veil has dropped.
Dear Oppressor,
After Rising this morning the decision was finished. So to inform you all a PSA must be APS a must be given. Became a unruly bully to the ones you were to oversee, Living example of absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Question: Do you enjoy pretending to be me? Holding possession of the land and stopping the waters from flowing freely. Naw I’m not bugging matter of fact I’m seeing quite clearly!
From Alaska ,Greenland, Canada ,North ,Central to South America with the island chains in between. Known as the Old world, you flipped it, what an awful deed. Sailing ,racing to the Known Unknown new world booked financed by Kings. Manifest Destiny was your golden ticket. Behavior was like a wild beast ,straight off the boat taking my people lives as they slept. Ripping babies from the womb, first cutting the throat. Lies and Genocide just to wear our skins like a prize coat. Raping and consuming as you stare right in our eyes. Instilling a caging fear Nowhere to Run nowhere to hide. Hand fed us flase slavery history ,checking on ancestors who wasn’t checking for me. Meanwhile playing dodgeball with the tears of those who are buried here. I must have made disappointment of the year enough about me this is of course about you removing the head so the body can’t continued. Whisper wicked lies in our ears, offering our women your Welfare system to replace our man. Legally authorized access to our children ,governed by the laws of the sea rather then lawz of tthese lands and his Yapah people HaWah. Strong oppression slave actions injected strips cities of their wealth  transported along side my people drifting on your cargo ships. Total respect for our mother and Creator you just couldn’t do kidnapping our children until this very day. Got us so wrapped & tied up with hella distraction. Doing what thou wilt bloodletting, child pedophilia, sulfur chess piece moving degrees of power.
True innocent, Shield their minds , to a paradise beam up their Consciousness so they are not aware whos harmed them. Oh grossly obese have you become off the self hate and ignorance of we. Let me educate you now your free, strive for greatness and get your degree . You can pay us back once your career is obtained yearly mmm plus 20% . Kitchen fridge filled with produce, yet malnutrition GMO residue. Wishing and hoping we integrate, come on assimilate remove the chain physically. Papal’s decrees so perpetually yours I guess we must be.  Nationally dramatized the Negro marriage, smiling hands with corporate margins to me Planned Parenthood government-funded Freedom savior. Swimming in trillions profiting white roses petals in the Wind, for the Unwanted seeds, our progenity.
P.S.A oh oh mr oppressors riddle me this,  Do you you already get your bucket a kicks. As we Marching, Protest taking your Strife all for equal rights. 70 years later still cutting us down, in front of an audience main stage as we yell you’re violating my civil rights sticking to this backwards system Civil Rights Act only pertains to the Indian aborigine not the african descendants. Dr. Martin Luther King told us just took us a minute to catch up. My Nations inheritance you give to immigrants D.A.C.A . 3.5 billion Top Flite paid trip through life, see them not my people, you going to have to run that back to me. Can stress that trickery had me thinking you own the land and people stop jacking you only leasing B, landlord, contract renewal not in sight.
When you stated we were sold by Africans, definition of black means pale void, damaged goods for sure fits you . Got us raging at self Reflections, rather be clean cut and weaved out. Disgusted chills you feel seeing us , allowing it to grow up wild ,orderly and free afro letting them be. Our forefathers, ancestors and drakhanz for told the lust  greed, curiosity and destruction you will bring.
If your word is bond than HaWah’s is supreme. Words hit every note like a ethereal acrobat. Gliding through waters, frequency delivery system of remembering. When my people rebel against you and return to the truth.  Strawman Corp stocks and bonds are through. We are done being split in two. Entered this plane took a breath , living souls, live births not deaths. Planted rooted in these lands eons past, we’ve seen and survive many trials and tribulations, chaos and devastation. Yet here we stand threaded from existence, copper Khan refined just like fine wine only get wiser in time. Mischievious with your fairy dust having us wish on fallen stars. Instead of tracking meteors, Dragon landing sites. No matter how much you haze the skies, incoming Heavenly dew, 432 HaLal HaWah HaWah still coming through.
Tick tock tick tock the clock has stopped. Time has come for you all to pack up and get out.
 Tick tock tick tock your Atlantean magic has all dried out..
Tick tick tick…
P.S.A to the Oppressor

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