Drop Poetry | “What’s In The Book” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

What’s in the Book 

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Our book begins with HWH being your One and Only Savior 

Israel is the chosen people that The Creator highly favors 

Your Powah ensures that you are guarded and equipped 

We were provided with guidance throughout Tanakh scripts 

Moses and Enoch tell of the Genesis creation and mysteries

Chronicles and Jasher further relay all of our true histories 

Exodus thru Deuteronomy are the laws the Torah brings 

We read of royal trials and tribulations of all our Kings 

Your Abba and Ahma are the start, finish and the middle 

Precepts upon precepts help us to eliminate the riddles

Our Judges like Miriam, Ester, Deborah and Ahchwa Ruth

Prove that our women walked in the word of Israelite truth 

Destruction is predicted by Daniel, Isaiah and major prophets 

Hosea, Malachi and the minor prophets tell how to stop it

There will be righteousness in the Peruselem city walls 

Our book ends with Israel obeying all of the HWH’s laws

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