Drop Poetry | “South America or South Africa” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

South America or South Africa

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Are you from the natural soil that possesses the Amerucan gold

Are you from “African” zones described and known as frigus, cold

Are you born in the Holy Land of Peru’s navel and umbilical cord

Are you the spawn of the African jungle and are of a slave ward

Are you descendant from the mountainous lands of Brazil

For some people the “Out of Africa” monkey story is so real

Are you formed from the area of earth where sun comes from

Are you the creepy mountain dwellers, that is true for some

Are you from the middle of our one and only Mother Earth

Are you from Lucy who was Darwin’s aped species first

Are you the original man of the Amazonian mineral rich dirt

Are you from the barren sands of the south saharan desert

South America or South Africa which one can you prove

Choose your existence, which one is your accepted truth

South America or South Africa

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