Drop Poetry | “The Wakanda Naga Issue” | by Irvin Reed

The Wakanda Naga Issue

by Templar Irvin Reed


First you must recognize equivalence

In order to see your own relevance.

There’s no need to be benevolent

When you know the answer to the question:

Wakanda Naga Issue?

Break it all down like you’re a mechanic.

Look at the details despite your habits.

Poke holes and you’ll be flabbergasted

When you know how long this all lasted…

Wakanda Naga Issue?

Don’t be stuck on a color that’s not you!

Claiming what’s yours isn’t cuckolding, fool!

Knowing your cat answers: “what tribe are you?”

Go revisit Eleven Twenty-two!

Wakanda Naga Issue?

If mettle hardens like Pharoah, no thanks.

Quicksilver is like water, any shape.

The dragon form, in battle, is at stake!

And stuck at the gate? Thoth, the 3 times great…

Wakanda Naga Issue?

Untwist (unweave) the spell cast upon you…

Falasa justly defeats Mustafa

Because Mustafa don’t know Wakanda

Land Naga is truly from Shembala!

What kind of naga is you?

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