Drop Links | The Necklace of Gaia, Wings of Destiny, Hyperborea and Atlantean Bloodlines | Dropped by Ahchwa Dee


Just sending this information I know it’s just a movie but it’s interesting how they say it was a gift from Spain to China in the 17th century. If the necklace of Gaia consist of the Wings of Destiny ,the Rope of life, and the eye of the forest then who made it? so my question would be where did the Spanish acquired the neckless of Gaia to even give it as a gift to China, also why broken into three pieces. This makes me think about the three India’s and also on Lumeria India Asia and the Americas. Why and what is the significance of this necklace and is there such a piece of jewelry that exist today? I’m looking into family saw this movie the other night and it was very interesting. The next link I’m going to send you was going to deal with India hyboria Shambhala it’s going to be a lot of hijacks in it but it’s also going to pertain to what we speaking about right now so it some more clues some more gems and babies to save and collect.. Peace and Power Khan Drop
– Ahchwa Dee

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