Drop Poetry | “432 The Drop Radio” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

432 The Drop Radio

by AhchWath Ty Battle


432 The Drop Radio is for the people by the people

It is an original concept of which there is no equal

It has spots for HWHs chosen and energy healers

It has music, poetry, chats, chefs and crystal dealers

You have talents displayed through the drop features

You have classroom submitted mp3s by our teachers

It is your escape from the visual chaos to the ether

It is a cozy haven of information for the truth seekers

It is an endless electronic library for the avid readers

It is a podium and platform for the confident leaders

It is a safe dwelling for the smokeless fiyah breathers

It is a worldwide congregation room for the preachers

It is all natural frequency coming out of the speakers

It is a wall of protection guarded by the gate keepers

432 The Drop Radio

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