Drop Poetry | “What of Space” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

What of Space

by AhchWath Ty Battle


If everything is moving in a super fast hurry,

Every picture of outer space should be blurry

There should never be any pic with one star,

When according to Nasa that is all there are

It should never ever be eerily quiet and dark,

If everything out there is considered a spark

The Milky Way should be as bright as a sun, 

A planet should look like a rockets on the run

Everything is spinning how can pics be still,

And why does no photographs ever look real

How do shuttles need boosters leaving here,

But do not use them to exit all atmospheres

If every object gives off its own distant light, 

Everywhere out there should be extra bright

If luminaries are suns space should be hot,

From what science says it absolutely is not

They contradict all we have ever been told,

Everything is very frozen or unbearably cold

We want the truth we want to know the deal We want confirmation that fake space is real

What of Space

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