Drop Poetry | “Money Problems” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Money Problems

by AhchWath Ty Battle


The concept of needing and having money is the planted root to all evil

It is the desiring and the chasing of it that is responsible for upheaval

It is the cause of low vibrations and low level energies being released

It is the reason of constant destruction that is spearheaded by the beast

No matter how hard the determination financial woes always lurks

They linger around like a plague despite your long and dedicated works

You can worry, complain, stomp, cry, show diligence and try as you may,

You can work your fingers to the bones, but your slave debt won’t go away

You get notices of delinquency, unpaid bills that are long past overdue

They will keep piling and amounting up no matter what you try to do

They just keep contacting, calling, harassing, and constantly nagging

While they are ruining your credit status as your report they are tagging

There is no magical, logical, sensible taught or shared financial solution

Only to separate, gain independence from corrupt monetary pollution

We are being stressed to death, and silently killed to pay illegal taxes

The pressures from these forced woes don’t dissolve and never relaxes

You can never achieve any relief to achieve free and become debt less

So stop losing sleep, risking your health and keeping your body restless

Halt trying to survive in a system designed to put you in an early grave

Money is a control constraint that makes you a physical and mental slave

Money Problems

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