Drop Poetry | Your Mother’s Land | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Your Mother’s Land

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Your Mother’s land is your motherland on the soils crafted by The Creator’s hands

It is the indigenous earth of the Amarucan crust and dust of where you stand

Your Mother’s earth is your mother’s birthly rights and her aboriginal alotted worth

It is your freedom to exist on your divided portion of your true hereditary dirt

Your Mother’s soil is enrich with the crown jewels, minerals, resources, and oils

It is affixed with the most ancient massive trees, plants and copper wire coils

Your Mother’s grass grows everywhere in this holy land where you freely pass

It belongs to a chosen people that are of the original created and distinctive class

Your Mother’s roots contain the goods the pilgrims and explorers came to loot

It is the basin that provides the garden mete that come from the planted fruits

Your Mother’s flat plane possess milk and honey in the bossom of its terrain

It is the world that was tried by time and was weathered by bouts of historical rain

Your Mother’s Land

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