Drop Poetry | “Orcs and Ogres” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Orcs and Ogres

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Orcs are intelligent, gifted and are the ever known brights

Ogres are the ancient Olmecs and Toltecan Templar knights

Orcs have protected powah and also wisdom founded insight

Ogres have drakhan laws, valor, conviction and instilled fight

Orcs appear blue/gray, but are brown, ruddy and copper as seen

Ogres are cinnamon, chestnut, mahogany or supposedly green

Orcs are the militant soldiers and are trained fighting machines

Ogres are spiritually, physically and mentally pure and presteen

Orcs have pointy ears like the magical and brave elves

Ogres can hear father Jacob’s words to his sons of twelve

Orcs are fearless and into “The Word” they charge or delve

Ogres rest their swords and breastplates on their shelves

Orcs and Ogres

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