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The Origin of the North American Indians:

by  John McIntosh 1858

” We have thought proper to allude to this subject, in order to controvert the theory, that in America Adamand Eve first drew the breath of life ; for few can be ignorant of the fact, that a treatise has been written, showing how the whole world is indebted to America for its inhabitants.” (table of contents: situation of paradise)
“Gomara, Lerius, and Lescarbot inferred, from some re semblance of this kind, that America had been peopled by the Canaanites, when they were expelled by Joshua. The celebrated Grotius, adopting the opinion of Martyr, imagined that Yucatan, a province of New Spain, was first colonized by the Ethiopians, and that those Ethio pians were Christians.” p 75
“It is impossible for the religious man not to take partic ular interest in the history of the Hebrews ; and while he reads of the extermination of the kingdom of Israel, when the blindfolded tribes were torn from the land of their prerogative,” p76
(remember the flag)

the progenitors of all the American nations from Cape Horn to the southern limits of Labrador, from the similarity of their aspect, colour, language, and customs, migrated from the north-east parts of Asia ; and that the nations that inhabit Labrador, Esquimeaux, and the parts adjacent, from their unlikeness to the rest of the Ameri cans, and their resemblance to the northern Europeans, came over from the north-west parts of Europe. (p84)
READ PAGE 85 “lions and tigers and bears oh my”
One great peculiarity in the native Americans is their colour, and the identity of it throughout the whole ex tent of the continent, except the coasts of Labrador, as we have already mentioned. Their colour is that of copper; a colour which, as has been frequently observed, is pecu liar to the Americans. ” They are all,” says Chevalier Pinto, “of a copper colour, with some diversity of shade, not in proportion to their distance from the equator, but according to the degree of the elevation of the country in which they reside.(p88)
“In no part of Asia has the fancy multiplied more infe rior Spirits, than in Hindostan.” (P 110)
Tongusi, Coriaks, and Kamschadales re semble most the North American Indians, in their ideas concerning the Deity. ” The Tongusi,” says Abernethy, “believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, according to whose will they shall either conquer or die. They call him the God of hosts, because on him, they imagine, the fate of their warlike expeditions depend. They worship likewise an infernal Demon, whose attributes are wrath and vengeance ; while they invoke him, they ar* influen ced solely by fear, lest he may afflict or toment .hem, for they believe that from him all their calamities and mis fortunes proceed…They have their priests, prophets, and physicians : and their sacrifices con sist generally of those brute animals which they consider the greatest favourites of the Evil Spirit, for they seldom supplicate the Great Spirit, except before battle, as they deem hima benevolent Deity, who is disposed to favour. rather than torment them.” (P 110-111)
The chief who is to be their leader paints himself black : fasts several days and avoids all conversation with those of the tribe. By this means he hopes to conciliate the favour of the Gr eat Spirit and to avert the malevolence of the evil one. He carefully observes his dreams, which generally portend success. Some people have fancied that this fasting arose from a desire to accustom themselves to hunger ; but according to their own notions, we are informed, that they do it purely from a religious motive. (P 130)
” ‘ The ancients of the country, he said, were numerous and inhabited from the western coast of the great water to the northern countries on this side the sun, and very far up on the same coast beyond the sun. They had a great num ber of large and small villages, which were all built of stone, and in which there were houses large enough to lodge a whole village. Their temples were built with great labour and art, and they made beautiful works of all kind of ma terials. (207)
‘ Some years ago the skeletons of two large elephants and two small ones were discovered in a marsh near the Ohio River, and as they were not much consumed it is supposed that the elephants came from Asia not many years before. .. .  (209)
Many of the inhabitants of Quebec must still remember, that the great deputation of the Indian chiefs from the Mississippi, who came to Quebec during the administration of Sir George Provost (209)
KING PHILIP. We now come to the most celebrated of all the emperors kings, and sachems of North America .(233)
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