Drop Poetry | “Heathen” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

The Heathen

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Heathens are mutated and underdeveloped man created beasts

They thrive on meals consisting of bloody flesh for their feasts

Heathens are uncontrollable and untamable, an undesired savage

They leave utter destruction in the explored lands that they ravage

Heathens likely bring severe disfunction and assured lasting calamity

They are the true definition of unstable, low, crazy and pure insanity

Heathens can be described as soulless and inhuman wicked demons

They are guilty of always searching, lurking stealing and scheming

Heathens are hybrids, mix breeds of humans and all the kinds of animals

They are listed as murders, psychopaths, maniacs and also cannibals

Heathens lack feelings, spirituality and word of the ultimate Creator

They are fake, phonies, bad copies, sick and are inhumane imitators

Heathens are unnatural creatures and are allergic to the earthly sun

They enjoy torture, barbarianism, conquering and subjugation for fun

Heathens are dangerous, deceptive, evil and are very much problematic

They are to be avoided at all cost and staying away should be automatic

The Heathen

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