Secret Drop | Cern Bringing Demons Through Portals With Images To Give Credibility To It | Dropped by Aboriginal Hebrew


Cern Bringing Demons Through Portals With Images To Give Credibility To It

CERN has got Demons actually in the images it blooming released to the public! Cheeky or what! They are trying to do something which NASA has mastered? I mean hiding secrets in plain sight! They are miles away from what NASA has seemed to of achieved by hiding secret stuff in plain sight? Who do they think they are, NASA? JPL? The Pentagon? They better find a better way to be narcissists because CERN are way out of touch especially publishing images like this, as if we wouldn’t get on to it? This is taking the pee big time. What with the Satanic rituals they did in front of the statue India gave them, Shiva. The images in this video have not been altered in any way whatsoever by me or anyone I know! Your seeing exactly what we are seeing. Straight up guys, CERN has been crossing the line of what’s acceptable and what is not acceptable and what is decent. DEMONS are definitely not acceptable in any way shape or form. The Vatican has been talking recently (all the time really) about “actual and literal Demons” so this makes a whole load of sense now? We need to keep releasing the images as time goes by to keep this stuff in the domain and in peoples memories, right? What they’ve done is unforgivable (if you believe they have released Demons like I really do believe it after all the research I’ve done and from others researches) that they have released Demons through changing the Atomic structure, opening dimensions, realities, big bangs, black holes and anti-matter! Doing that weird, strange and bloody awful so-called experiments in this reality has caused horrific waves in this reality which will keep on coming through the Earth and continuously creating havoc, chaos and other horrific events! It’s unseen energy they have been messing about with! It’s unseen energy which governs EVERYTHING! It’s unseen energy which is going to wreak havoc and devastation all of which is absolutely deniable! Let’s keep this alive and keep it in the public’s eye for everyone in the world to see and be outraged at. These Demons may be controlled by the CERN scientists (because they are) and can be used to do unspeakable things around the World at will. We just don’t know what these “things” are doing right now and that’s the scary part right? That they have been releasing Demons and dark matter, anti matter etc? It is scary to think about? BUT, that’s only if you believe this stuff then if not just go about your daily things and don’t blink an eyelid when you hear about the next record breaking hurricane, weather system or magnetic solar winds, contamination, earthquake or absolutely crazy invention which turns everything on it’s head, I mean literally turn everything on it’s head (then you instantly forget about it). Remember that science fiction utopia you dreamed of as a kid… Well your living in that scifi world you dreamed about as an innocent kid “but you just keep forgetting it” like it’s as if you were programmed to instantly shrug it off? I give it one day and you’ve forgotten about this already?

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