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Easy brother,
I truly hope all is well with you and the family!!!
Just writing quick to say Chef Candie got the skills, I cooked the portabello mushrooms and corn a little while back and it was incredible. I won some serious points with my girlfriend for that one however, I remixed the recipe a little and added some mango chutney and goats cheese on top of the mushrooms and I grilled the mushrooms first as I don’t really like them when they are soft and the result was banging.
You need to try that man, not that the original recipe wasn’t dope enough already, it’s just a little recommendation to make the mushrooms go down easier!
Anyway, I wanted to say that on the site but I kept getting an error when I tried to comment.
I’m currently working in London and I haven’t been on the site for a while, life has been pretty hectic recently but, when I get back to Barcelona I will be getting back on the site and writing some more recipes down, if Chef Candie wrote a book I would definitely buy it and I’ve only tried one meal 🙂
Otis Redding reminded me about with the track I Miss My Water, made me think of you guys so I had to write this message. It has been a while since I last had some pure water from the 432 family and I definitely miss you guys, looking forward to getting back to my normal life and catching up on the Prester Hour too, I feel like I’m stunted and not growing unless I’m in tune to the frequencies you put out.
Sounds strange but, you and Chef Candie have voices that just lock my brain in, something special about you two no doubt!
Peace love and blessings

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