Drop Poetry | “Social Media Evolution” by AhchWath Ty Battle

Social Media Evolution

by AhchWath Ty Battle


My space turned into MySpace. A place to be in my face in space.

Then my face needed it’s on place and a new look, so it morphed into Facebook.

So I can chronicle my life in an internet book identified with my face.

This book, with my face, turned into a playbook with blank space.

It has endless space that needs to be filled with play by play of my face for all to look.

If you visited Myspace and liked my Facebook, you would request some time for us to digitally face.

Now you call me on FaceTime to see my face in real time.

FaceTime is for those looking for extended call, not a quick chat.

If you are looking for a quick chat you can hit me up on Snapchat.

We can share short vids, but not recall that.

Now you are sick of messaging one hitter quitters, so you join the crowd and follow me on Twitter.

You are constantly tweeting and that method got boring, so it’s time to scram.

Like rush hour in a traffic jam, you did an exit from Twitter to join Instagram.

For an instant, IG was the place to be, but you find yourself pulling away slowly.

You are steadily retreating from social media and of the choices you choose neither.

You let folks know if they wanna hit you up, they can find you in the Ether.

Social Media Evolution

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