Drop Poetry | “We Live in a War Zone” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

We Live in a War Zone

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Militaries are armed with missiles, drones and armor tanks

Hoods are flooded with drugs, sex, machine guns and shanks

Sky is insulted with an aerogel deceptive chemical weapon

The lands are being trampled about with the Pharaoh’s blessing

Bodies are covered with flawed immunized bulletproof vest 

Night is bothered by the sirens because it doesn’t get rest

Poisoned murky waters arm the clouds with invisible acid rains

Citizens are suffering with undetectable and untreatable pains

Mind are equipped with warheads, smoke bombs and grenades

The streets are bombarded with militant and murderous brigades

Frequency disturbances create a quiet and transparent dome

Memories have been erased so you forget that you are at home

Souls are missing as they become victims of inked paper genocide

Police are both the killers and robbers so we remain safely inside

We Live in a War Zone

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