Drop Poetry | “Creatively Deceptive Art” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Creatively Deceptive Art

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Spray painting the sky to make me allergic to my own natural world

Doodling white water colours as they draw clouded poison curls

Writing songs with dual words that are spell binding while singing

Drumming and strumming instruments tuned for inner ear ringing

Poetically corrupting the minds with demonic well versed rhymes

Schemes and patterns cleverly code laws to contaminate tymes

Acting out the lies and truths with casts that are reading scripts

Rehearsing and ad-libbing to showcase their deceptive evil gifts

Dancing out oppression and murder moves to insight mad rage

Poll patrol captures battered souls for mass sex wars in a cage

Photographs are trap doors to the past and are picture perfect

Snapshots of determined events that one eye chose to select

Materialized fabrication of reality by weaving a webbed canopy

Sewing clothes of invisibility and modeling a cloak of fantasy

Digitally masters sights and sounds that are effecting perception

Screens of vibrant life-like color pixels with distorted reception

Creatively Deceptive Art

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