Drop Poetry | “Unlabeled” | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle


We are made of everything of the Americas Of the blood and dirt from Cuba to Jamaica

We are the kings, queens, knights and chiefs

Who are being invaded by the European thief

We had empires, chiefdoms and dukedoms

Before the colonizers came and nuked them

We are the people of land of Lemuria or Mu

We are the opposing energy of Atlantis too

We are ancient Mayans to the fabled Olmecs

We are the Aztecs, Inca and Mexican Toltec

Connected to all the islands in the Caribbean

Tribes of Taino, Arawak and American Indian

Across these lands north, central and south

From Ohio valley down the Mississippi mouth

New York, Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee

N. Carolina, Illinois and Pennsylvania is all we

We are the Catawba, Siouan, and the Lenape

We are Cheyenne, Seneca and the Shawnee

Algonquin, Iroquois and Cherokee are a few

Seeing from a Chickasaw and Powhatan view

Consisting of Ciboney, Welsh and Issa stock

Born of aboriginal, indigenous Monacan flock

We are the colored, nigger, black and negro

We are the Naga and this dragon land’s hero

We are Macah, Shoshone, west coast Yurok

We are Cali Indians of Chinook and Mordocs

We have Blackfoot and Pueblo all in our veins

We have historical ancestral aches and pains

We are the true copper-color American face

We are the remnants of the first original race

We are called everything from the bad to evil

We are to lable ourselves HWH’s pure people


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