Drop Poetry | “Not Physically Lost” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Not Physically Lost

by AhchWath Ty Battle


The children of Israel are not really physically misplaced or lost

They are hidden from reality at all expense, risks and/or cost

We are here in the part of the world they trek to find and see

There are ancient ruins being uncovered to keep reminding me

We are under a spell that make us ungoodly and spiritually fallen

We are now hearing the muddled voices of our ancestors calling

We are not missing; we are exactly where we have always been

We are forgetful and being reprimanded for repeating freshly sins

We are currently emotionally divided and too chronology scattered

We are being psychology beaten down and also mentally battered

We are etherically, solely, naturally, and also energetically protected

We remember we are not forever forgotten or divinely neglected

We are rebuilding our kingdom, temple and our shaky self-esteem

We are prophetically being recalled, restored and publicly redeemed

We are breaking through the lies that we are just an ancient myth

We are remembering and retelling, that we are why it all exists

Not Physically Lost

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