Drop Poetry | “The Zan Zone” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

The Zan Zone

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


The Zan Zone is your dojo to acknowledge and honor our Shabat

It is a place to rest, so our commandments we will violate not

Remove your shoes as you are show respect to the sacred ground

Maintain cleanliness of the air, house, floor, and peaceful sound

It is where we prepare to connect with our Powah in The Zan Zone

No idle talk, no noise and no electronics and cancerous cellphones

Check our vibrations and only bring uplifting and positive energies

Enter with pure, clean, healthy and healing crystalized frequencies

Open our minds, empty our cups and fill with old testament truths

Listen, in the ether, to the music Isaac Ford carefully tuned to 432

It is so we can gather, congregate peacefully or we can study alone

It is to maintain our calm, our peace and our zen in The Zan Zone

It is our worship place that prompts us to say much Ahab and Thawadah

It is our sanctuary to remind us to give all our praise only to HWH

The Zan Zone

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